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3 min readMar 31, 2022

GotBit’s main mission is to make the founders of tokens completely calm and confident with the successful development of their project and achievement of its market goals.

They are a unique international project that has been founded by high-class mathematicians and developers in 2017.

Gotbit implement strategies for the business development of blockchain projects. We have been working with 350+ tokens and coins and 90% of them reached ATH and 100k$+ cash out with Gotbit.

Their main focus is MM which we provide using thir own developed algorithms to build organic charts and volume with creating the TA patterns for traders on the chart MM service include:

— Market Management (MM) both on CEXs and DEXs ( we provide 6 people team for each project to manage and control the market 24/7)

— Ability to monitor the situation 24/7 using our unique platform for Project team with Dashboard ( monitoring the balance, price, ETC )

— Activity plan for 3 months development

— Consulting and navigating to achieve market goals for short/long terms — Direct Contacts with any CEX you want to be listed ( as official MM )

— Tokens liquidation solution for your team tokens and for your investors ( sell into bids without flipping and red candles on DEXs )

— Tokens liquuidation solution insinde Spread on CEXs — Cross marketing ( at the moment we are working with more then 350+ clients )

The 3 Unique features they bring are:

  1. Platfrom with live data for client's market ( like dashboard ) + management market buttons inside ( like you push button and market start moving according strategy you choose)
  2. Unique Tokens Liquidation service - we help a lot of VC/Launchpads and Projects to liquidate tokens on DEX WITHOUT ANY SELLING PRESSURE AND RED CANDLES ( build on Back-runinng mechanics and AI )
  3. Bullish Charts building Algo on CEX ( for attracting traders )

Some of the many successful projects they have made are:


Heroes Chained is a fantasy action RPG game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. It introduces the “Play-and-Earn” concept to GameFi, challenging “Play-to-Earn”. It starts the “Game First for GameFi” meme. Their game-first manifesto dictates a great game which requires a great game developer team. Therefore, the project advocates the team-first approach. The project has doxed its core team members on its web site, extensively.


Kalao (KLO) is a non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem built on Avalanche (AVAX), a layer 1 blockchain. It aims to accelerate the adoption of virtual reality (VR) technology and combines its own VR showroom with DeFi capabilities on its NFT marketplace. On the Kalao NFT marketplace, users can create, sell, purchase and collect NFTs. Furthermore, they can also showcase their NFT collections in a personalized 3D NFT gallery. By using Avalanche as its blockchain of choice, Kalao offers fast and secure transactions at low fees. Kalao also aims to integrate NFTs into real-world use cases by enabling users to exhibit their art, sell luxury goods through the marketplace, or even use it as an event ticketing framework. In the future, Kalao plans to build a metaverse called “The Citadel,” where users can buy or rent lands, promote their businesses, or invite people over for a virtual hangout.


Hacken Token (HAI) is a cybersecurity coin underlying the rapidly growing Hacken Foundation. Hacken Foundation is a fully fledged organization that unites cybersecurity products and companies developing secure Web 3.0 infrastructure. Hacken Foundation is trusted by both crypto industry leaders (Vechain, Ava Labs, FTX, and 300+ other entities) and traditional IT and product companies (Namecheap, AirAsia) while being an official partner of the government of Ukraine. Native token HAI serves as a utility for hundreds of different B2C, B2B, and B2G cybersecurity products and gives birth to new cybersecurity start-ups like (HAPI), Disbalancer (DDOS), and many more. HAI token may be referred to as the index of crypto industry cybersecurity. The original HKN ERC-20 token was swapped into HAI and is no longer tradable at cryptocurrency exchanges. Please read detailed instruction below how to swap ERC20 HKN into HAI.

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