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An open and curated metaverse for players, creators, and the entire GameFi community, and guess what? Bountie Hunter is the next big thing to axie infinity; come with me, let’s check it out.

Have you ever heard of the gold rush? If you have not, then let me give you an idea. This widely took place in the 19th century following the discovery of gold in certain areas, which came from people hunting for this precious item, and guess what? In the United States, this made about 300,000 people rich. Now back to our next big thing, you may have heard a lot about the metaverse and games that come with it. Now, if you can imagine yourself back in the 19th-century hunting for pieces of gold that will change your life forever, you nailed it.

In 2017, Bountie Hunter was born with a mission to create the ultimate platform for gamers to work, shop, and play together, literally interacting with each other in this world of wonder. It is an exceptional experience for gamers coming with the mission of being a de facto platform for gamers to discover and invest in crypto gaming and metaverse projects. It allows you to hunt for your gold and get rich. Bountie Hunter is built for the web 3.0 community to provide gamers a real-life experience of the gold rush, with a purely decentralized system that means transparent and equal earning opportunities for everyone.

The game’s three core focus include:

· Bountie Hunter Platform: Here, gamers and community can join the quests and tournaments, and you have an opportunity to win or maybe you can just participate to get the rewards! There are quests that carry rewards like crypto gaming tokens, P2P and staking are also features that the bountie hunter team is working on!

· Bountie Hunter Launchpad: This helps the crypto gaming projects raise Private and Public Sale, sell NFTs and Land Sale via community of BOUNTIE token holders.

· Bountie Hunter Academy: Bountie Hunter is developing an Esports Diploma with Informatics Academy Singapore. The aim is to fulfill the educational needs of becoming technical game developers and professionals that handle the business and management side of Esports teams and events and streaming of Esports events.

Last but not the least Bountie Hunter will ultimately integrate to to combine their platform into one!

What is in for me?

As we earlier mentioned, the goldrush, Bountie Hunter, provides the best gaming experience on the metaverse while giving you optimum rewards, taking it further than just P2E to gaming as a career. As a gamer, you want to have premium fun, you want to overcome complex challenges, and in this case, make money while you do it. There are currently three highly competitive quests in the ecosystem with high rewards that will blow your mind, they are:

· Defi Warrior: This is an Esports tournament, and guess what? It is the first-ever Crypto character and Crypto galaxy game concept, mind-blowing, right? Here you can create a miniature world of blockchain in the game. To put this in perspective, each warrior made represents a cryptocurrency. For example, you can have an Ethereum warrior, Solana warrior, Bitcoin warrior, etc. Each planet where the warriors are would represent a blockchain and players can earn extra income by playing and getting educated more about the world of blockchain. It is worthy to note that in the last tournament, the prize pool was over $19,000.

· Bemil coin battleground tournament: A PUBG mobile tournament where every player can participate in wars to get becoin, the fascinating thing about this tournament is the availability of so many different tournaments to join in, and participating more increases the amount of Becoin rewards you get.

· Project oasis: This is a specially curated ecosphere where everyone can interact, play, compete and grow together in a metaverse where you can do anything you’ve ever dreamed of. It also holds PUBGM tournaments for the natives and beyond, aiming to unify the community. A prize pool is always prepared to range from USDT, $OASIS, and attributed NFTs.

It is also important to note that Bountie Hunter has access to over 250,000 gamers from Southeast Asia; that’s an incredible number; that’s an astonishing figure if you ask me. We can host and run esports tournaments or events, sweepstakes, airdrops, and farming campaigns that will blow the turbines off your engagement levels off the charts.

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