Benefits of investing in early crypto projects

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3 min readJan 7, 2022

The crypto hype

Everyone in the internet space seems to be talking about Cryptocurrency. Is it worth the hype? Yes, it’s worth it in every way. 2021 was an excellent year for Cryptocurrency. Much institutional adoption happened in 2021. The Facebook metaverse announcement was received with pumps in many metaverse tokens in the last quarter of 2021. Data from the market indicated market capitalisation grew by about a 66percent this year alone, presently sitting at $2.25trillon from a value of $759billion in January 2021. Many great coins like SHIB, MANA and SAND rocked the year 2021! Metaverse, NFT’s, Defi and many more experienced massive 6–8 figure percentage growths in 2021. The trend has changed to projects with real-world applications cutting across technology, science, art, finance, entertainment and gaming. While many of these new projects offer good investment choices, the best way to profit maximally is to invest early enough in such projects. This article presents the benefits of bagging these assets early. Many arrive too late. Come on! Let’s dive into these vast benefits.

Lower cost

Most Cryptocurrency projects start as low-cap coins with meagre prices. This offers early investors more buying power. Such Crypto projects are still in the development stage; hence there is more room for growth. Such assets will grow to large-cap coins with veritable token utility and excellent marketing strategies. The transition phase from small-cap to large-cap coins offers early investors massive returns, often raising investors capital from dust to heaps of millions. AIOZ network did X184, Orion protocol did X292. Getting into these projects early is a money-printing Strategy.

Higher returns on investment

Cryptocurrency market price volatility is increasing by the day. Volatility is the measure of change in the price of an asset over some time. Acquiring a good crypto-asset early in its infant stage with increasing demand and scalability will push the price higher. Investing as low as $25 in 10 projects each on different days for a month will generate thousands of dollars if one pulls out profits at least 10X on each asset. That is a potential profit of $2250 with an initial capital of $250. If you can afford more, then you can make more profit. There is no limit to investment capital. Not going to McDonald’s twice can be $25 for a project that can get you returns to live your dreams.

Greater dividends

Some Crypto projects pay dividends to their holders in token rewards. Many new Crypto projects allocate a certain percentage of transaction taxes to holders. Tax on transactions for most new projects is typically around 10–15%. Distribution to holders is typically about 5% of the total tax charges. The number of assets will increase over time by holding. Gentlemen capital selects projects with a good reward system.

Higher security

The utmost goal of any investment is profit. However, crypto investment is associated with some risks. One way to take a calculated risk and minimise risk is to do proper research. While many new Crypto projects scam unsuspecting investors, retail investors miss out on other promising Crypto projects. Most retail investors don’t know the key things to look out for while researching new projects but there are certain alternatives and options in the market that can greatly de-risk your investments, while keeping the higher returns, Gentlemen Capital is a team of market experts with a wealth of experience in market research. Projects must meet minimum audit criteria before listing on Gentlemen Capital launchpad.


Investing in early Crypto projects presents investors with lower costs, higher returns on investments, more significant dividends and higher security. Do you want to be the next Crypto millionaire? Want 100X profit? What are you waiting for? The time is now. Today’s investors are tomorrows profit-takers!

Gentlemen Capital is a community-driven platform to invest in Crypto startups. Investors receive a fair share without staking, thus satisfying all levels of investors. Purchase is distributed based on the funds committed in contrast to the prevailing system of ratio distribution on other launchpads. Low capital investors and large capital investors benefit equitably by using our Platform.



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